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New mile-long dual carriageway will cost £147m

A new mile-long dual carriageway is set to be built at a cost of £147m.

Buckinghamshire Council agreed to additional costs associated with the South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR) which would open in 2026.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, cabinet members backed proposals to spend an additional £33m, on top of the previous budget of £114m, to allow for construction inflation and pandemic delay costs.

Conservative council leader Martin Tett said the new road would allow traffic to "bypass the town centre" which could be "horrendous" to drive through.

2 Miles of dual carriageway costs more that re-instating Skipton to Colne - unbelievable!

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Colne and Skipton are not in the South, the government is southservative and will only spend, think, do anything, only if it's in the South. There is no one thinks about the North, because they don't care but are HaPpY to pick up a salary, paid by the North.

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