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The Airedale line is a modern and fast train service running from Leeds and terminating at Skipton.
SELRAP's proposal is to extend this by reopening the closed railway line from Skipton to Colne, this will allow passengers from East Lancashire to travel directly into Leeds in less than 60 minutes.
This proposal is supported by Arriva Northern Trains and Skipton Building Society, who both recognise that it will open up employment, educational and leisure opportunities throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire.
It also allows the possibility of a direct link to Manchester airport from points from Shipley to Skipton.

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Drax Biomass

SELRAP's proposal will create a fourth East-West trans-Pennine rail route, providing a vital new artery for goods to travel quickly and efficiently across the north.
This proposal is supported by Drax: Britain's largest electricity generator, and Peel Ports: owners of Liverpool's new Deepwater Port.

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We expect this project to massively drive economic growth, open up new job opportunities, encourage business growth and stimulate new development throughout East Lancashire. This new, modern train service will allow over a quarter of a million people - everybody who lives in East Lancashire - to quickly travel straight into the heart of economic powerhouse of Leeds. In the centre of Leeds there are significant opportunities for employment, study and leisure.

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In just one stride, this project will bridge the 'missing public transport link' - by joining the hearts of six big but isolated East Lancashire towns straight into the centre of into Leeds and beyond.

This project will transform opportunities for everybody living in East Lancashire today.
These towns will no longer be a forgotten backwater, isolated from nearby cities by their poor transport links.
The new train service to Leeds will; Allow East Lancashire's residents to commute into central Leeds for work.

  • Attracted new business into the deprived East Lancashire region

  • Encourage growth of the vital high-technology aerospace manufacturing sector

  • Opens up significant opportunities for Lancashire students studying further education in Leeds.

  • Attract students to the University of Central Lancashire in Burnley from the Yorkshire area.

  • Provide great transport connections in Leeds to the rest of the UK

To conclude, there will be huge regional economic and social benefits for everybody living in East Lancashire - improved public transport will bring new jobs, businesses, economic growth and greater prosperity.

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