The campaign to reopen the 11 mile missing rail link between Lancashire & Yorkshire - linking cities & regions across the north
Feasibility Sudies
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Chris Davies MEP Julian Smith MP Richard Bannister
Nigel Evans MP Gordon Prentice Rebecca Taylor MEP
Jacqueline Foster MEP Andrew Stephenson  MP The Rt Rev Nicholas Reade, Bishop of Blackburn
Timothy Kirkhope MEP Anne McIntosh MP BrianSimpsonMEP
Lord Greaves Gordon Birtwhistle MP George Adam
Lord Faulkner

Supporting MP's (197)
197 MPs back the campaign

The latest is:

Barry Sheerman MP

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We also have the support of 3 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLA)

Supporting MEP's (49 out of 72)

68% of UK MEPs support us (49 out of 72)

The latest is:

Dr Kay Swinburne (Wales)

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Quotations from the Letters of Support

‘I very much look forward to the day when I and my constituents can travel by train to Skipton’

-- Greg Pope MP (Hyndburn)

SELRAP envelope and car stickers

Use on your mail and car to spread the word!
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Supporting Councillors (434)
The latest supporting Councillors are
Lancashire C Cllrs Graham Gooch, Misfar Hassan, Marcus Johnstone and Sandra Perkins

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If your Councillor is not listed please contact them and encourage them to support us

Faith support
The Most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
The Most Revd John Sentamu, Archbishop of York
Rt Revd Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead
The Rt Revd Nicholas Reade, Bishop of Blackburn
The Rt Revd Chris Edmondson, Bishop of Bolton
The Rt Revd Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford
The Rt Rev David James, former Bishop of Bradford
The Rt Revd James Newcombe, Bishop of Carlisle
The Rt Revd Graham Dow, former Bishop of Carlisle
The Rt Revd Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester
Rt Revd Cyril Ashton, Bishop of Doncaster
Rt Revd Richard Frith, Bishop of Hull
Rt Revd James Bell, Bishop of Knaresborough
The Rt Rev Patrick O’Donoghue, Bishop of Lancaster
The Rt Revd Arthur Roche, Bishop of Leeds
The Rt Revd James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool
The Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester
The Rt Revd Martin Wharton, Bishop of Newcastle
The Rt Revd John Packer, Bishop of Ripon and Leeds
The Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract
The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield
The Rt Revd Robert Atwell, Bishop of Stockport
The Rt Revd Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield
Yorkshire Baptist Association

WELCOME To Skipton East Lancs Railway Action Partnership

We are a volunteer campaign group whose aim is to campaign for the re-instatement of the Colne-Skipton line as a trans-Pennine route, a part of the national network, linking the Aire Valley and Yorkshire to East Lancashire, Manchester, Preston and beyond.
As of the 5th August, 2013, the Campaign has the support of 891 organisations, 754 individual politicians, our 500 members and 67 affiliated groups
Next Members Meeting July 14th 2014

14th July – Members’ Meeting, Conference Room (downstairs) or Midland Room (upstairs), Herriots Hotel, Skipton

The 12th AGM 10th March 2014

The very postive developments in the campaign were well receive by members.

The meeting was held at St Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Colne and the guest speaker was Lancashire County Councillor Mr Azhar Ali.

Derek Jennings read out his chairman’s report which included the following statement ‘I THINK I CAN SAY THAT TODAY WE ARE NEARER IN ACHIEVING OUR GOAL THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN’. He commented on the recent meeting at County Hall in Preston on the 26th February. It was attended by representatives from the globally recognised consultants and engineering company ARUP and SELRAP Committee Members. Also in attendance were Senior Transport Officers and County Councillor AzharAli. It was a very productive meeting with £10,000 being provided from Lancashire County Council towards the cost of a further (capital cost) study. SELRAP is committed to a further £6,000 + from Pendle Borough Council and other partners towards this too. This would lead to a FULL GRIP (Governance for Railway Investment Projects) 3 STUDY involving Network Rail.

Derek Jennings thanked Geoff Davidson and his team at ARUP in Leeds for their help and advice whilst they produced the 1A and 1B reports for the campaigning group. He also said a huge thank you to SELRAP members who have responded so magnificently to the appeal to help fund them. Another appeal will be made to progress the engineering study so that the line can be re-opened as part of a major ‘Cross Pennine Line’ connecting Liverpool to Hull. Members of the group were praised for their financial support and loyalty over many years too.

Liaison officer Andy Shackleton spoke about the 1B study undertaken by ARUP and completed this February. That study has provided an updated analysis considering the social need for the link, the potential service, engineering options and has conducted a current economic appraisal of the scheme. The costs/benefits ratio (BCR) was found to be very promising and if the number of passengers is greater than calculated for every £1 spent there could be benefits worth £6. 56- i.e If the number of passengers increased by 30%. (passenger footfall has always been far greater than numbers estimated when recent railways have re-opened.) therefore benefits could be even higher than this.

Councillor Azhar Ali was welcomed to the meeting and spoke in support of funding to progress this next GRIP feasibility study. He stated that the Skipton- Colne line whilst benefiting the local economy was also of regional and national importance. He reminded the audience too that the track bed is protected and cannot be used for other purposes. Councillor Ali answered questions from the floor and acknowledged the importance of gaining the support of Craven Council and North Yorkshire County Council. LCC are already working with these authorities on the proposed bypass.

A representative from Rail Futures pointed out the benefits not just for East Lancashire and beyond of a re-opened line but it would also benefit passengers wishing to get from Skipton to Manchester and Preston.

Jane Wood, Media Officer

New study for Skipton-Colne corridor
As infrastructure manager of the national rail network, Network Rail plays a vital role in ensuring that all schemes are compatible and integrated with existing railway operations. A process known as Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) describes how Network Rail manages and controls projects that enhance or renew the national rail network. GRIP divides a project into eight distinct stages:

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CravenRail 17 Released
The latest edition of our newsletter has just been released and can be downloaded in electronic format, along with previous releases here

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Funding Development Plan
Mindful of the consesus that the campaign has entered the delivery phase, SELRAP has recently published an 80 page Funding Development Plan ..... which sets out the group’s ultimate vision ..... of a new trans-Pennine route via Skipton and Colne that is fit for [the] purpose ..... of providing modern rail transport linking North Yorkshire and the city region of Leeds with the towns of Pennine Lancashire and the city regions of Liverpool and Manchester [inc Airport], in conjuction with the reinstatement of the Todmorden Curve, with a view to:

Delivering, increasing and sustaining business & economic growth, job creation, regeneration, connectivity, social mobility and non-car tourism throughout and beyond the wider corridor of the new route.

The comprehensive document goes on to set out how that might be achieved. And, crucially, options for financing what could prove to be a major investment with the potential to turn around both perception and reality of economic activity in northern regions known to be in much need of it.

The Funding Development Plan can be downloaded in electronic format here

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Over 400 Councils back the Campaign
An astonishing total of over 400 Councils support our campaign for the re-opening of Colne to Skipton. They include all types of Council: County Councils, Unitary Authorities, District Councils, Town Councils, English Parish Councils and Welsh Community Councils and represent communities right across the North of England and Wales.
This backing is not just lip service, people care. That’s why words like ‘wholehearted’, ‘unanimous’, ‘overwhelming’ repeatedly crop up in the messages of support.
Many of these letters also give the reasons for their support and include words and phrases like: ‘regeneration’, ‘essential’, ‘major social and economic benefits’, ‘a priority’, ‘educational opportunities’, ‘global warming’, ‘pollution’, ‘new Trans-Pennine links’, ‘congestion’, ‘housing opportunities’, ‘sustainable’, environmentally friendly’, ‘transforming’, ‘employment opportunities’, significant benefits’, ‘a massive boon to the tourism industry’. A Big 'Thank You' to all these Councils who have seen the logic of our case.
For a full list of these Councils, click here

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101 Members of the House of Lords now back the campaign
 The most recent Members of the House of Lords to send a Letter of Support for our Campaign are Lord Crathorne, Rev Lord Griffiths of Pembrey and Burry Port, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, the Duke of Montrose, Lord Roberts of Conwy and the Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford.
For the full list of House of Lords support and support from members of Parliamentary Committees, click ‘Read the full article’ below.

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SELRAP 10th Anniversary Celebrations Over Two Successful Days
On Friday 8th April 2011 a very well attended conference with high profile speakers was held at Herriot’s Hotel in Skipton.
The following day two very successful walks were held along the trackbed to Cafe Cargo at Foulridge Wharf, one from Thornton-in-Craven and one from Colne Station with 50 people in all participating.

For the full story on both events click below.

For photos of the Conference click here

For photos of the walks and the opening of the new trackbed access at Foulridge click here

For the Nelson Leader article click here

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SELRAP Executive delegation meets with MEPs in Brussels
SELRAP (Skipton – East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership) Members Highly Successful Visit To The European Parliament in Brussels October 2010
Andy Shackleton, David Penney and David Walsh from SELRAP’s executive committee visited Brussels to do a breakfast reception presentation to Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday the 12th October.

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151 MPs in the new Parliament back the campaign
617 candidates at the election gave their support to reopening Skipton - Colne, so although 72 of the 166 supporting MPs in the last Parliament retired or lost their seats, we now have the backing of 151 of the new MPs, 4 of whom are Cabinet Ministers.

Does your MP back the campaign? Click here to see

If your MP supports us, why not write and thank them
If your MP is not on the list, please write and urge them to support the re-opening

you can write to them all at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

We also gained the support of 3 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and 113 more Councillors, giving a total of 344 Councillors in favour of the reinstatement of the 'missing link'

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Events: Autumn Conference: Friday 6th November, Herriots Hotel, Skipton

RAIL REOPENING CONFERENCE Top politicians representing all three major parties attended SELRAP’s third major conference, which took place in Skipton on Friday 6th November. An impressive array of speakers combined to back SELRAP’s campaign to see the Skipton-Colne rail line reopened as part of a new trans-Pennine route, and offer embryonic pointers towards the formation of a funding partnership for the rebuild. A full conference report is being prepared, and will be posted on this site when completed. For photos of the event click here
The speaker list and associated quotes [click below] is aimed at giving the reader a flavour of this landmark event.

The Conference was supported by:          

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Already over 60% of the MEPs in the new European Parliament back our campaign

Despite many of our MEP supporters retiring from the Europen Parliament, we now have the support of 43 out of the 72 MEPs in the new Parliament
These include Brian Simpson, Chair of the Transport & Tourism Committee., the 2 other UK members of that Committee, Jacqueline Foster & Mike Nattrass and Robert Sturdy, Vice Chairman of the International Trade Committee.
The 2 UK Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, Diana Wallis and Edward McMillan-Scott, both SELRAP supporters, have also been re-elected.

For the full list of MEPs click 'Read the full article' below

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SELRAP meeting with the minister -Tuesday 7th July
pre meet taken at Skipton station.From left to right Cllr Keith Bailey from Lancashire County Council,myself,Andy Shackleton,chairman Derek Jennings holding the briefcase,Cllr Robert Heseltine from North Yorkshire and David Penney.Four delegates from SELRAP -Skipton-East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership together with North Yorkshire County Council's Rail Officer and Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport from Lancashire met with Rail Minister Chris Mole to press for the reopening of the Skipton-Colne line.This 11.5 mile stretch would provide an essential alternative to existing over capacity Trans-Pennine routes.Reinstatement of this line would provide extensive benefits for the North East and West regions,linking the East and West coast lines.A study commissioned by SELRAP,carried out by JMP Consulting in 2007 gave 'a positive cost to benefit ratio'.
Chris Mole was impressed with the support and case presented.He listened closely and his approach was helpful.Meetings were also held with Shadow Rail Ministers
Stephen Hammond for the Conservatives who saw the importance of an additional trans-pennine route.Norman Baker for the Liberal Democrats, a campaigner for HIgh
Speed Rail (HSR) gave contacts for those supporting rail re-openings.Comments from a SELRAP delegate 'our expectations were unknown and we've come away with lots
of help and advice to progress our case.A successful day'.
Pictured before meeting the Rail Minister at Skipton station.From left to right Cllr Keith Bailey from Lancashire County Council,Ruth Ratcliffe,Andy Shackleton,chairman Derek Jennings holding the briefcase,Cllr Robert Heseltine from North Yorkshire and David Penney. The forth team member was David Mawdsley who met us at King's Cross.

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Support from 6 Tourist Boards
We now have the support for the re-opening of Cumbria Tourism, the Lancashire & Blackpool Tourist Board, Manchester Marketing, The Mersey Partnership, Visit Chester & Cheshire and the Yorkshire Tourist Board.

For quotations from their letters of support click here

They join 696 organisations (including businesses) and 678 individual politicians backing the reinstatement of the railway

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Events: A trans-Pennine mega traipse
Before-departure at Skipton 

On Sunday 7th December SELRAP operated its third “Missing Link” excursion train.

Billed as a Christmas Shoppers’ Special, and operated in partnership with Boundary Mill Stores, this unique service started in Skipton and headed for Colne.

Odd, you might think. What with the rail line between the two towns having been closed for the best part of 40 years. But for the Skipton-East Lancashire Partnership …..

the impossible simply takes a little bit longer.

Train arrives in Skipton

Please read the full Press Release by following the link at the bottom of this box.
Read an article from the Yorkshire Post and watch their excellent 5 minute video of the trip
Video of the train's departure
More Photos of the trip
and some more

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SELRAP featured on BBC Radio 4 programme ‘You & Yours’

SELRAP featured on BBC Radio 4 programme ‘You & Yours’ Monday 7th April, 2008.
Reporter Mark Holstock examined the question ‘Could closed lines be reopened?’
Featured on the programme were SELRAP’s Andy Shackleton and Edith Sheldrick and our campaign to re-open Skipton to Colne.
Stephen Joseph, Director of the Campaign for Better Transport (formerly Transport 2000) made the case for rail re-openings while Cllr Stella Smedley, Cabinet Member for the Environment Nottinghamshire County Council, Jim Bamford, Rail Officer Nottinghamshire County Council and local residents spoke of the success of the last line reopened in England, the Robin Hood Line, over 10 years ago and under British Rail,
To listen to the ‘You & Yours’ report click here

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Parliamentarians welcome SELRAP report
 A highly detailed, 9-page report prepared by SELRAP at the request of the All Party Parliamentary Rail Group when they met in the Palace of Westminster on March 7, has been welcomed and praised by the APPRG.

“Overcoming Challenges to Rail Reinstatement Schemes: What Parliamentarians Can Do To Help” details the many hurdles which lie in the path of SELRAP’s aim to see the Skipton-Colne railway line re-opened – and ways in which those hurdles may be overcome - as well being relevant to the many reinstatement schemes backed by campaigners and authorities throughout England, but where progress is stymied by the long, costly and tortuous process.

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SELRAP presents its case at Westminster

Three members of the SELRAP committee travelled to London on March 10 to present the case for re-opening the Skipton-Colne railway line to Members of both Houses of Parliament.

The group, headed by chairman Derek Jennings and including Andy Shackleton and Frank Filardo, addressed the All Party Parliamentary Rail Group in Committee Room 7 of the Palace of Westminster, quite an imposing venue and audience for a volunteer campaign group!!

Some of the audience are seen in our picture, from left to right: Gordon Prentice (MP for Pendle), Lord Tony Berkeley, Lord Bruce Grocott, Norman Baker MP, Lord Richard Faulkner and Kelvin Hopkins MP. SELRAP chairman Derek Jennings is seen on the far right of picture .

The pictures were taken by Andy Shackleton – and note that the group are holding copies of SELRAP’s eye-catching ‘CravenRail’ newsletter!!

Among others attending was Skipton and Ripon MP David Curry. Derek Jennings comments: “SELRAP’s campaign is really hitting the high notes, and we are increasingly recognised in high places as a more than just a volunteer group. The impact created by the campaign goes far beyond what one normally associates with such groups.
Andy did his usual expert presentation on our campaign and we were then able to answer Members’ questions and discuss our aims further.
SELRAP is very grateful to Gordon Prentice for having set up this meeting, and we are sure it will lead to a far better understanding of the case for re-opening the Skipton-Colne railway within Westminster, where our impact will grow over the coming months.”

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Growing approval from the financial, manufacturing, construction, power, communication, retail, leisure and service sectors of business
SELRAP’s campaign has the support of a wide variety of businesses including 2 banks, 10 Building Societies, 8 Airports, a shipbuilder, 3 large manufacturing concerns, a construction company, two large stores with multiple outlets, a national Car Breakdown Service, 2 national Power Supply Companies, a national phone company, 6 theatres, a food wholesaler, several co-ops, small businesses, 2 restaurants, shops, 5 football clubs, 3 rugby clubs, 2 B & Bs, a Guest House, a Castle, a Hotel, CBI North West, CBI Yorkshire and the Humber and 25 Chambers of Trade and Commerce.

The Campaign also has the backing of the General Secretaries of all 4 Rail Unions ASLEF, RMT, TSSA & UNITE as well as the Lancashire Association of TUCs, the Yorkshire & Humberside TUC Regional Council, Burnley TUC and ASLEF, UNITE and UNISON branches.

Greater Manchester, Merseyside (Merseyrail), Tyne & Wear (Nexus), West Midlands (Centro), West Yorkshire (Metro) & South Yorkshire PTEs and ITAs (formerly PTAs) also support the campaign as do Virgin Trains, Carillion Rail & Corus Rail as well as award winning film director Ken Loach and broadcaster Ian Hislop.

We also have the backing of the Yorkshire Tourist Board, the Lancashire & Blackpool Tourist Board, Cumbria Tourism, Manchester Marketing and the Mersey Partnership.

For the full list of business support, scroll down on the left of this page.

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SELRAP presents three Skipton members with jumbo cards!
Special 'jumbo' membership cards were presented to three new SELRAP Members by chairman Derek Jennings on Skipton station on January 23, 2008.

From Left to right, Steve Broadbent (SELRAP Press Officer), Councillors Polly and Paul English, representing Skipton Town Council and Joan Evans, President of the Skipton Chamber of Commerce and Trade, both of which organsations have recently joined as SELRAP Group Members. Fourth from the left is the Mayor of Skipton, Councillor Carole Manley, who became the group's 300th paid-up Member on the special train which SELRAP ran between Colne and Skitpon on October 28, 2007. On the far right is SELRAP Chairman Derek Jennings.

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SELRAP meets key rail-campaigning MEP
Another important milestone in SELRAP's campaign to see the Skipton-Colne railway line re-opened was reached on Friday January 18 when a delegation from the group met with Brian Simpson, Member of the European Parliament and Director, North West Rail Campaign, in his St Helens office.
"We are delighted with the rapport we established with Mr Simpson", says SELRAP chairman Derek Jennings, "he very much agreed with the strategy we have adopted and gave us several useful pointers for the future, including advice that we should concentrate on seeking a high-quality trans-pennine railway and that we should engage with the European Parliament. SELRAP looks forward to developing relations with both Mr Simpson and the North West Rail Campaign. "

Our photo (meeting with Brian Simpson.jpg) shows, Left to Right: Brian Simpson, Andy Shackleton (SELRAP Liaison Officer), Derek Jennings (SELRAP Chairman), Emma Antrobus (Coordinator, NW Rail Campaign), and David Penney (SELRAP Planning & Development Officer)

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Backing from the Education, Health and Sporting Sectors
SELRAP's campaign has the backing of 46 Educational organisations: Blackburn College, Blackpool and The Fylde College, Bradford College, Bradford University, Bradford University Students Union, Burnley College, Burnley Play Association, Colne Primet High School, Craven College, Daisyfield Primary School, Edge Hill University, Harrogate College, Keighley Campus Leeds City College, Knowsley Community College, Leeds College of Music, Liverpool John Moores University, Myerscough College, Nelson & Colne College, Pendle District Youth Council, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Saints John Fisher & Thomas More Catholic Humanities College, St Stephen’s Catholic School, Settle College, Shipley College, Skipton Girls’ High School, Trawden Forest Primary School, The Lancashire Link Network of U3AS, U3A Bebington, U3A Bradford, U3A Bromsborough, U3A Burnley, U3A Chorley, U3A Craven Railway Study Group, U3A Formby, U3A Harrogate, U3A Northenden (Manchester), U3A Richmond, U3A Sale, U3A Warrington, U3A Wirral, U3A York, UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), University of Bolton, University of Bolton Students' Union, University of Bradford Students' Union, University of Chester, University of Manchester Students' Union, University of Salford, WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) Yorkshire and the Humber

We have the support of 9 NHS Bodies: NHS NW, Blackburn with Darwen NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust, Bradford & Airedale, Calderdale, East Lancashire, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire Care NHS Trust, Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, North Yorkshire & York NHS Primary Care Trust

Accrington, Blackpool, Blackburn, Burnley and Halifax Town Football Clubs, Leeds Carnegie Rugby Union, Leeds Rhinos Rugby League and Wigan Warriors Rugby League want the reopening as do The Ramblers Association nationally, their North East Lancashire Area Clitheroe Group, Colne Cycling Campaign, Pendle Leisure Trust and Pendle Forest Cycling Club.

For quotes from an education perspective, click here
For quotes from a health perspective here

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The Missing Link
The Missing Link - a short video documenting the first train from Colne to Skipton for 37 years is now available for viewing online at Youtube. It is divided into five parts. The full high quality DVD version can also be purchased through this site.

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80 Peers support our campaign
 The most recent Members of the House of Lords to send a Letter of Support for our Campaign are Lord Carlile, Lord Cotter, Baroness Hamwee, Lord Jones of Cheltenham, Baroness Julia Neuberger, Lord Steel & Baroness Thomas of Walliswood.
Amongst members of Parliamentary Committees backing our campaign are:
6 out of the 10 members of the Crossrail Bill Select Committee
7 out of the 11 members of the Transport Select Committee including the Chair
11 out of the 27 members of the Parliamentary Rail Group
7 out of the 21 members of the Parliamentary West Coast Main Line Group.

For the full list of House of Lords support click ‘Read the full article’ below.

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Study launch brings acclaim from MPs
A new independent study into the re-opening of the Skipton-Colne railway line was launched by SELRAP at a Briefing at Herriots Hotel in Skipton last Friday (November 30) where the audience heard totally positive support voiced by all the speakers, including two Members of Parliament. SELRAP, the Skipton-East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership campaigns for the re-opening of this line as part of the national network.

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Consultant’s study takes campaign to new level
Seen on Skipton station after the SELRAP Briefing on November 30, with the background of a Class 333 electric train that provides high-quality, fast and reliable transport along the Aire and Wharfe Valleys are, left to right:<br />
Derek Jennings, chairman of SELRAP<br />
Councillor Manuel Camacho, deputy chairman of Craven District Council<br />
Alan Beswick, director of JMP Consulting<br />
Andy Shackleton, SELRAP committee<br />
Councillor Eric Jaquin, deputy mayor of Skipton Town<br />
Photo courtesy David Penney/SELRAP
A new study, launched by SELRAP in Skipton last Friday (November 30) into the re-opening of the Skipton-Colne railway line is very positive, and takes SELRAP’s campaign to a new level, the group says.
Produced by the Leeds office of the national firm JMP Consulting in full compliance with Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines, the report looks at the costs and benefits associated with the re-opening.

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JMP Study

SELRAP`s Groundbreaking Study carried out by JMP launched today 30th November.

The full study and the brochure can be downloaded by following these links.


The Study

Engineering and Operations
Market and CBA
Wider Economic Environmental Social

For Photos from the Press/Stakeholder Event at Skipton which launched the Study click here

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SELRAP welcomes inclusion in Network Rail Business Plan
SELRAP, the Skipton-East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership, warmly welcomes the inclusion of the possible re-opening of the Skipton to Colne railway line in Network Rail’s new Strategic Business Plan.

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Hugely successful ‘Missing Link 2’ charter train highlights SELRAP’s aims
Well over 200 people packed on to the 0958 for Skipton at Colne Railway Station on Sunday, 28 October ready for a 150-mile highly-scenic round trip on only the second train to link the towns in 37 years.

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Missing Link II Charter Train trip
A Great Day out as well as getting the message across! That was the verdict on SELRAP’s charter train from Colne to Skipton on Sunday October 28 to highlight its campaign that the 11.5 mile “Missing Link” between the two towns should be restored as part of the national rail network. Hundreds of people enjoyed the trip, among them the Mayors of Pendle and Skipton, and to complete it, the sun came out!
Thanks to local Travel Agents Althams for handling the ticket sales as well as to the organisers and Northern Rail
For photos click here

For the Mayor of Pendle's thoughts on the journey go to here

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Events: First train for 37 years - Colne – Skipton

On Sunday April 1st a train packed with 286 paying passengers ran from Colne to Skipton and back. Surprising, you might be forgiven for thinking ..... what with the rail line between the two towns having been closed since 1970.

Another first from SELRAP, this was no April Fool. Operated by Northern Rail, the first train to run between the two towns since closure of the 11.5 mile direct line 37 years ago had to follow a convoluted 50 mile route via Burnley, Blackburn and Hellifield ..... a journey that also involved two reversals of direction!

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Support from the Rail Unions and the TUC

The Campaign has support from the General Secretaries of all 3 Rail Unions ASLEF, RMT and TSSA.
It also has the backing of the Lancashire Association of TUCs and the Yorkshire & Humberside TUC Regional Council.

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SELRAP-At a glance 2014
Please click for a downloadable brochure describing SELRAP, its aims and ambitions


The missing link added to the current network

For full size map: click here

Supporting Organisations

892 organisations
support us

The latest are:

Coastliners Rail Users, Lembas, and Hallmark Materials Handling

below are links to:

business organisations
other public bodies
not for profit organisations

Well-known supporters
The latest well-known supporter are
John Craven (broadcaster),
Joanna Lumley (actress)
Tony Robinson (broadcaster, actor & writer)

They join:
Baroness Bakewell (Joan Bakewell)
Lady Benjamin (Floella Benjamin, broadcaster)
Alan Bennett (writer and dramatist)
Julia Bradbury (broadcaster)
Alastair Campbell (political strategist)
Ian Hislop (broadcaster & editor)
John Kettley (weatherman)
Mike Leigh (film director)
Ken Loach (film director)
Mark Steele (broadcaster, comedian)


Supporters links
Link to Good Energy Good Energy

The latest body to become affilated members of our campaign is
Hallmark Materials Handling Ltd

Addingham Parish Council
Aire Valley Rail User Group
ASLEF, Newton Heath
ASLEF, Skipton Branch
Barrowford Parish Council
Bentham Town Council
Blackburn College
Blacko Parish Council
Blackpool & Fylde Rail Users Association
Bradford Rail Users Group
Burneside Parish Council
Burnley Football Club
Burnley Friends of the Earth
Campaign for Better Transport Lancashire
Campaign for Better Transport North Yorks
Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England
CAMRA East Lancashire
Cononley Parish Council
Croston Parish Council
Dales (Contracts) Ltd
Dales Renewables Ltd
Direct Link North Railway & Property Co
Draughton Parish Council
Eco Design Arhitectural Practice
Ecology Building Society
Electrical Sales Ltd
Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway Trust
Fox's Cycles
Foulridge Parish Council
Friends of Littleborough Station
Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line
Gilbraith (TS) Ltd
Good Energy
Hallmark Materials Handling Ltd
Harden Parish Council
Heritage Trust for the North West
Horton-in-Ribblesdale Parish Council
Keighley Campus, Leeds City College
Kirklees Green Party
Lancashire Association of Trades Councils (LATC)
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
Lancaster & Skipton Rail User Group
Midland Railway Society
Nelson Independent Labour Party, Land Society
Pendle Community Credit Union
Pendle Labour Party
Pendle Liberal Democrat Party
The Phone Co-op
Rail Future Yorkshire
Reedley Hallows Parish Council
Ribble Valley Rail
Salterforth Parish Council
Settle Town Council
Shipley Labour Party
Silsden Town Council
Silverdale Parish Council
Skipton Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Skipton Town Council
Support the East Lancashire Line Association (STELLA)
Support the Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester Rail Lines Group (STORM)
The Keighley & Worth Valley Light Railway Ltd
Todmorden Town Council
TSSA Network Rail North West
Unison Burnley Branch
Unison Pendle Branch
Unite the Union (Amicus), Burnley Branch
Yorkshire Dales Public Transport Users Group

If you are a member of a group, please encourage them to affiliate.

It’s just £10 pa for groups
Contact us for a membership form or download the membership leaflet opposite


Burnley Action Partnership Community Plan for Burnley
Bradford District Transport Strategy 2006-2021
Colne Connected Action Plan
Earby Vital Villages Initiative
Lancashire Economic Strategy
Lancashire Environment Strategy
Lancashire Partnerships Community Strategy
Lancashire Local Transport Plan
Local Agenda 21
North West Regional Economic Strategy
North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan
Northern Way Strategy – Connecting City Regions
Trans-European Networks – Rail Transport Schemes
Trawden Parish Plan
Pendle Borough Council/LSP

Links to other Rail Campaigns
Aln Valley Railway
Blackpool & Fylde Rail Users' Association
Campaign for Borders Rail
BRUG (Bradford Rail Users Group)
COBRA (Campaign to Open Blackford Railway-station Again!)
Fleetwood Rail Link
CRUG (Copeland Rail Users Group)
FreeSeniorsRail>Free off-peak rail travel for over 65's
Penrith - Keswick Railway
Middlewich Railway Link Campaign
Minsters Rail Campaign
Muswell Hill Metro Group
North & West London Light Railway
Portishead Railway Group
SWOPlink (Southport Wigan Ormskirk Preston link)
Todmorden Curve Campaign
Save the Woodhead tunnel
Wealden Line Campaign

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