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Ben Elton says that Railways are broken

Ben Elton was interviewed by Laura Kunssburg on her Sunday show today at 9.40 am. He spoke passionately about the state of the railways and the need to improve connecting rail services, as a good rail network was essential in levelling up and helping with the regeneration of communities.

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Steven Foster
Steven Foster
Jun 28, 2023

He left lots of relevant fact out ( deliberately?).In no particular order, effect (s) of rail strikes, success of franchising, effects of revolution on railways, effects of Covid crisis and it's cost, railways are in public ownership and " nationalism" is a misnomer, Labour did little to help railways or try to reverse franchising, opening of new lines ( eg.Borders railway, E-W in pipeline),constructional problems that would be associated with making Castle field Corridor difficult etc, etc.

What solutions did he put forward?

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