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Labour Supports SELRAP Scheme

Lancashire Telegraph

Labour election candidate in Colne/Skipton rail line reopening vow

Jonathan Hinder,

Labour's candidate for the new Pendle and Clitheroe constituency at the next election, has promised to try and get the reopening of the Colne to Skipton rail line into the party's transport plans if it forms the next government.

He spoke out after Shadow Transport Secretary, Louise Haigh MP, announced Labour’s detailed plans to reform Britain’s railways and nationalize most services.

She said a Labour government would fold existing private passenger rail contracts into Great British Railways as they expire, without the taxpayer paying a penny in compensation costs, as part of a publicly owned and passenger-focused railway.

Jonathan Hinder, Labour candidate for Pendle and Clitheroe, said: “Labour’s plans would mean an end to the misery Northern passengers across the North-West face on a weekly basis.

"I have vowed to champion reopening the missing 11-mile link from Colne to Skipton, to help open up economic opportunities across East Lancashire.

"Like many constituents, I would like to use our rail services more often, but we all know they cannot be relied upon in our area.

"So many more people could commute to Manchester from Clitheroe, or to Preston from Colne, if they had a reliable rail service.

“That’s why I am supporting Labour’s plans to create Great British Railways - a new, publicly owned and expert-led body to run our railways in the public interest, putting the passenger first.”


 All the Main Political Parties support the SELRAP Scheme.

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