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Lancashire Combined Authority Consultation

Please see the attached Article in Pendle Papers. As a resident of Lancashire I will be making a submission to the Consultation, pointing out that lower tier Councils, like Pendle and Burnley, are not included as a right in this Regional Devolution of Power and Resources and will have to rely on the Lancashire Unitary Authority to give them a fair share of monies for Transport and Levelling Up in this new Level 2 Combined Authority. Why can't it be upgraded to the level 1 status of NYCA and the existing WYCA, which include lower tier Councils in their structure and decision making process with a Mayor to champion the cause of the whole of their area, as all Mayors hold powers over spatial planning and the power of veto?.

Most of the lower tier Councils in Lancashire think they will miss out on the allocation of funding. Pendle has said it will be difficult to attract funding to reopen the Colne - Skipton Railway under this restricted scheme.


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