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Letter of full support for SELRAP from Pendle Borough Council:

FROM: Chief Executive’s Office Nelson Town Hall Market Street, Nelson Lancashire, BB9 7LG Telephone: 01282 661306, 10th June 2024 Ref: RR/LY

Dear Resident

I am writing to you to confirm Pendle Borough Council’s support for the work Skipton East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership (SELRAP) are doing to re-open the Colne to Skipton Line. At the Full Council Meeting held on Thursday 14th December 2023, Council resolved to reaffirm its support for reopening the line and to write to the Secretary of State for Transport, requesting them to include the scheme within the Government’s rail investment programme. A key priority in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2024/25 is to continue to work with partners to promote the reopening of the Colne to Skipton railway. Please do let me know how best we can do this over the coming months.

Yours sincerely

Rose Rouse

Chief Executive

Pendle Borough Council

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