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MP's Letter of Support for SELRAP

FROM: SARA BRITCLIFFE, MP Member of Parliament for Hyndburn & Haslingden

Letter written to Constituent while a sitting MP before Parliament was dissolved

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding SELRAP and our local railway network.

I am pleased to report that we have made significant progress with the SELRAP project in creating an excellent strategic -case which promises a number of benefits to residents, businesses and the rail network.

Although tangible development would not be seen until 202512026, this scheme would -provide efficient transport links between East Lancashire and Leeds, enabling residents to travel from Nelson to Leeds in just one hour for example. There are also promising statistics in terms of forecasts of passenger uptake -in addition to enc6uraging predictions of future employment growth throughout the East Lancashire area.

For strategic freight, this section of railway will further supply a vital east-to west rout unique in being the only one to avoid the congestion of Manchester.

And, personally, something I found most interesting, the SELRAP project will require no operating subsidies which is virtually unheard of nationwide.

In addition to the work I have been doing to support the SELRAP project, I have also managed to secure funding for the Access for all scheme which will see improved -accessibility at Churih & Oswaldtwistle railway station as well as Rishton station too.

I am committed to our local railways and recognise the social and economic opportunities they present. Rest assured, I will continue to advocate for the improvement of our local’ transport links and inter-connectivity across the North of England.                              

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I wrote a letter of complaint about the 4 train changes, the £45 rail ticket, to travel just 12 miles, from Colne to Skipton, how pathetic that all day journey is and it wouldn't happen in London. They don't care about us, in the North, this situation makes that blindingly evident.

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