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New 2023 Issue of At a Glance

Updated: Jul 1, 2023


This is now available and has been emailed or posted out to all Members and key Stakeholders.

It has also been distributed to key locations - Railway Stations, Town Halls, Libraries, etc.

You should be able to access copies from these and other locations to spread the word.

If Members or Supporters would like more copies posted to them, please contact me at

Thank You

Dave Penney

Vice Chair

Dear Members, Supporters and Donors

You should have all received the latest 2023 digital edition of At a Glance. If you would like hard copies to distribute in your area to contacts, friends or public places, please let me know how many and I will post them to you - we need to spread the word. We have put copies in Railway Stations, Town Halls, Libraries, Colleges, etc.

We post regular updates to keep you informed about the Campaign on our Website ( and Facebook ( As well as making comments on the Campaign you can pass these Website and Facebook links to friends and contacts. On the Website, you can also renew Membership, set up Standing Orders and make donations.

We would welcome members and supporters to consider responding to two Consultations:

  • Transport for the North's Consultation: Transforming the North's Transport - Please submit your comments by 17th August to this Consultation at Please, share your comments with Andy Dixon at who is coordinating a response to the Consultation on behalf of SELRAP, who will make the case for the SELRAP Scheme to be in their Strategy.

  • We would also urge SELRAP Members to have your say in the Consultation on West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Rail Strategy by 13th September by going to The Strategy supports the SELRAP Scheme for both passengers and freight and considers it a priority. Again, If you have any supporting comments on the Strategy, our Chair, Peter Bryson at would like to hear from you as he will be making a response to the Consultation on behalf of SELRAP.

SELRAP is also engaging with MPs and County and District Councils along the Trans Pennine route of this coast to coast strategic railway to ensure we have their support and include our Project in their Plans. We would appreciate it if you also contact your local MP and Council to elicit support for our Rail Scheme.

Finally, if you can help our Campaign with your ideas, skills and contacts to get us over the line, we would love to hear from you.

Thank You for your ongoing support.

Dave Penney

Vice Chair, SELRAP

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