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Selrap Meeting with the Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh

We had a very useful meeting in Leeds with the shadow transport minister yesterday.


  • Louise Haigh - Labour's shadow transport minister (MP for Sheffield Hallum).

  • Susan Hinchcliffe - Bradford City Council Leader (also WYCA and TfN).

  • Tracey Brabin - Leeds City Mayor.

  • Along with the several other senior people from the regional Labour Party.

  • The meeting was organised by John Grogan (candidate for Keightley and Ilkley)

The main meeting was about 70-80 people in a large conference room, with the usual mix of organisation, business and consultants etc.

It consisted of three speakers, all talking about the urgent need to improve transport in the region.

This was followed by a question-and-answer session.

All in all, we think it was a very good meeting - very positive.

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