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SELRAP Members Meeting on Monday 10th June 2024 at 7.00 pm

SELRAP Members Meeting on Monday 10th June 2024 at 7.00 pm


Skipton Town Hall, High Street, Skipton, BD23 1AH (with Zoom option).


The Town Hall is a ten-minute walk from Skipton station. From the High Street please walk 50m down Jerrycroft Lane, to the ramp and stage door AT THE REAR. 


“A regular progress update on the new Skipton to Colne railway project”


1.      Welcome and Apologies for Absence – PB.


2.      Update on Andy Shackleton – DJ/JW


3.      Media report - Jane W


4.      An overview of where we are today -PB


5.     Guest Speaker: Stacey Dickens of the Skipton Building Society


·         Stacey is the Skipton Building Society’s Head of Corporate Communications and ESG (Environmental and Sustainability Group). She will be speaking about both the Society itself and, more generally, developments in the UK housing market. She will also describe how this project will help “the Skipton’s” customer’s and staff buy their own affordable homes.

·         Questions from the floor to Stacey - All


6.      SHORT BREAK:


7.      Membership Report and Financial report, including results of the 2023 audit – IH.


8.      The importance of the website and Facebook - IH


9.      The recent refresh of the project’s business case by the Department for Transport - CO


10.  The ever-improving case for strategic freight and the issues in central Manchester – AD


11.  Members questions from the floor and Any Other Business - All.


·         Meeting is planned to close at 9pm.

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