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Skipton Building Society support for Colne to Skipton rail line project

Updated: May 1, 2023

As many people will be aware over the last 10 years Skipton Building Society has supported reopening the Skipton to Colne rail line which has been covered in much of the media both locally and at national level, the SELRAP executive are so proud of their support at multiple levels over the years.

David Cutter back in July 2019 had reiterated their support in the Yorkshire Post saying the move to reopen this railway would significantly improve connectivity between North and West Yorkshire, and across East Lancashire and beyond, SELRAP strongly believes in a mutual beneficial collaboration towards shared goals across multiple business within the North of England and beyond that rebuild barriers in rail transport connectivity for the benefit of all.

SELRAP seeks to garner more business support over the coming few months in order to make this vital public transport project a reality, we encourage open dialog from any business large or small to get in touch via this website, our organisation is mostly funded via donations, membership fees, and other resources, your offer any assistance would be most gratefully received.

Simon L'Estrange

Subgroup Finance Officer (SELRAP)

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