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Skipton to Colne railway line gains cross-party support before general election

Burnley Express, Dominic Collis, Published 25th June 2024, 12:10 BST

A campaign group fighting to have a former rail link reopened has been boosted by the news that all local general election candidates say they are behind the plan.

The Skipton to Colne rail project runs through key “Red Wall” constituencies.

Since the election was announced, SELRAP has contacted all the prospective candidates, and says it has now received support from almost all candidates.

SELRAP’s chairman Peter Bryson said: “All of the former Members of Parliament along the route all fully supported this vital project. All wanted it delivered quickly. Therefore, we will be urging all our new MPs to impress on the incoming government the importance of rapidly mobilising this key project.”

SELRAP is campaigning to reopen the Skipton to Colne line

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