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Members Meeting, Skipton Town Hall Monday, 11 December⋅19:00 – 21:00

We are pleased to announce Stacey Dickens of the Skipton Building Society will be our guest speaker - Please note the entrance to the meeting is at the rear of the building.

Here is the Agenda:

This meeting is for SELRAP members and their invited guests only.

“A regular progress update on the new Skipton to Colne railway project”

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – PB.

2. Update on Andy Shackleton – DJ/JW

3. Guest Speaker - Stacey Dickens – The Skipton Building Society – 7.10pm

(Stacey is the Skipton’s Head of Corporate Communications & ESG)

Stacey is a senior manager of one of the UK’s biggest building societies. She will describe

both the Skipton itself and also the UK housing market. She will explain how this project will

benefit both the Skipton’s own staff and also help their customers to buy their own houses.

• Questions from the floor to the guest speaker.

4. Media Report – JaneW.

5. Membership Report - IH.

6. Passenger Modelling – the very latest on the “DfT & TfN NELUM” study – CO

7. Meeting with the leadership of the three county Councils later this week - PB /AD

8. Members general questions from the floor - All.

9. Any Other Business.

• Meeting is planned to close at 9pm.

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